Admission, Age & Height Requirements / Rules

ID Card Application & Waiver Form

Rules are in place to set certain expectations and standards in attempt to keep everyone safe. Our staff believes that being up front with our patrons is the best policy and by doing so, problems may be avoided. Our staff revisits our rules annually based on patron conduct, facility issues, discussions with other facilities and their staff, and standards set by outside regulatory agencies. The Groveport Recreation Center is owned and operated by the City of Groveport.


The City of Groveport reserves the right to modify hours of operation, facility schedules, occupancy limits, rules & pass policies, etc. at any time. 



  • The City of Groveport reserves the right to rule on any matter not specifically covered in the rules & pass policies and to make any decision it deems necessary for the best interest of the City of Groveport. In addition, the City reserves the right to add any rules & pass policies as it deems as necessary. Up to date rules & pass policies are available at the front desk. 
  • It is your responsibility to read the rules and signs displayed throughout the facility. Persons that are directed to leave the premises for not following the rules are not eligible for any type of refund or pass. Depending on the nature of the offense, a patron may be indefinitely suspended. 
  • Persons do not need a Membership to enter the facility, take a class or partake in programs at the Groveport Recreation Center (hereinafter GRC). Guests are always welcome at the GRC at the regular daily admission fee. Our facility and programs are available for both residents and non-residents alike. 
  • Proper valid identification is required to gain access to the GRC. All persons (including persons participating in classes or programs) must check-in at the front desk. 
  • During City sponsored programs, spectators may be able to watch activities in the lobby, gym, group fitness studio and pool without paying a daily fee. Identification may be required. 



  • Children must be a minimum of 14 years of age to enter the facility without their parent/legal guardian. This applies to persons with memberships and those wishing to purchase a Day Pass. 



  • Organized groups (20 or more persons) must follow our Group Use Policies, must have 1 adult for every 5 children (12 years of age & under) and must schedule their visit in advance. 
  • Group Outings are not permitted. Group Outings are defined as organized groups consisting of 20 or more persons (i.e., day care facilities, church groups, etc.). 



  • Day passes are non-refundable and non-transferable. A day pass is only valid for the day it is used. 
  • Cash and credit card accepted for day passes. 
  • To receive Groveport Resident Rate, patron must provide a Groveport Recreation Dept. issued “Resident ID Card” (available at the Groveport Recreation Center). If you live in the City of Groveport, bring valid OH Driver License or State Issue ID Card, accompanied by a utility or tax bill. If you work in the City of Groveport and pay 2% income tax, bring OH Driver License or State ID Card & recent pay stub. 
  • Persons (3 years of age & older) who wish to utilize the GRC via Day Pass must first acquire a Groveport Recreation Dept. Issued ID Card. GRD Issued ID Card must be presented and scanned at time of day pass payment. Parent/Legal Guardian signature required. GRD Issued ID Cards are not transferable and will be deemed void when in the hands of those other than the proper registrant. ID Card Fees: Groveport Resident (free) / Non-Resident ($2.00 per issued card). 
  • If asked by staff, patrons must be able to produce a day pass receipt or Membership I.D. Card.  
  • Rain Checks:  In the event that the facility or indoor pool suspends operation due to maintenance issue, power outage, inclement weather, lightning in area or water contamination and you have been in the facility for 60-minutes or less, our staff will issue you a Rain Check to be used at a later date provided that you have your receipt which is time and date stamped. 



  • A $5 fee will be charged for any Membership ID card that is reissued. 
  • When current Members renew their membership, they must show proof of residency and complete a new Membership Contract at the time of their renewal. 
  • Classes/Programs are not included in the Membership fee. 



  • Please wear proper gym, swim and workout attire. The City of Groveport reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of all attire. 
  • Bathing suits may NOT be worn outside of the locker rooms or indoor pool.



  • All persons entering the GRC shall act in a safe manner and represent our values of caring, respect, responsibility & honesty. Neither physical/verbal abuse, sexual innuendo/public display of affection nor offensive behavior will be tolerated. All problems should be reported to the Manager On-Duty. 
  • Music is only permitted to be broadcasted through one’s own ear/head phones. 
  • Persons who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused admittance or directed to leave. 
  • Persons found violating City or personal property will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 
  • Depending on the nature of the incident, staff will give a documented verbal warning for general problems the first time they occur. If a patron continues to violate rules or policies, the patron may be suspended from the facility. The suspension length depends on the infraction. For children (17 years of age & under), a parent will be contacted and made aware of the situation. 



  • Parking is only permitted in designated spots. If you have been issued a Groveport Senior Center Parking Permit Sticker, please do not utilize the reserved space while at the Groveport Recreation Center. 
  • By City Ordinance, the Groveport Recreation Center is a smoke & alcohol free facility. Smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes are also NOT permitted. 
  • Eating is only permitted in the lobby and meeting rooms. 
  • To respect the privacy of our patrons, persons may NOT take pictures in the locker rooms, group fitness studio or fitness center. 
  • No person shall sell or attempt to sell any article or service in the facility unless such sale is pursuant to a contract with the City of Groveport or has been approved in writing by either the Recreation Director or City Administrator. 
  • Any type of private lessons, instruction or coaching by persons (other than a family member) must be approved in writing by either Recreation Director or City Administrator. 
  • Parties, group outings and meetings must be scheduled through the Customer Service Coordinator (or designee) and may not take place in the lobby of the facility. 
  • Changes in recreation schedules may occur without notice. Staff will post schedule changes with as much advance notice as possible. Current schedules are available at the front desk and on our website. Patrons are encouraged to check the schedules (especially for drop-in activities) before arrival. 
  • There will be occasions when the facility or areas of the facility will be closed due to maintenance, repairs and/or special events. Such closings will not result in deductions from Pass costs. The City will attempt to post such closings in advance. In addition, the indoor pool will be closed for two to three weeks in the summer for annual maintenance. 
  • The City of Groveport is not responsible for lost or stolen items. It is strongly suggested that personal items be secured in a locker and locked during your visit. For security purposes, the City of Groveport reserves the right to search a patron’s items if deemed necessary. 
  • As a general rule, the Groveport Recreation Department will not post flyers or informational bulletins from outside agencies at its facilities. 
  • Skateboards, in-line skates, roller shoes, Hover Boards, scooters, bikes & cleated shoes are not permitted in the facility. Bikes may only be parked in bike racks. 



  • Open wounds/bleeding must be covered to participate in any area of the facility. Clothing soiled with fluids must be changed. 
  • First-aid supplies (ice, band aids, gauze & gloves) are available to patrons to be self-administered. 
  • The GRC will call an ambulance upon request or at staff’s discretion.
  • All accidents/injuries requiring assistance will require a staff member to complete an Accident/Injury Report. Cooperation obtaining information is requested. 
  • Incidents should be reported to the front desk immediately. 



  • Men’s, Women’s & Family Locker Rooms are available. Family restrooms are also available on the 2nd floor. 
  • Lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • Food is not permitted in locker rooms. 
  • The use of cameras, video cameras or any device containing camera equipment of any kind is prohibited in any locker room, restroom & changing facility. 
  • The City of Groveport assigns use of locker rooms, restrooms and changing facilities in its recreational settings strictly on the basis of anatomical or biological gender rather than on the basis of adopted gender. 
  • Whenever possible, adults with children should utilize the Family Locker Room. When it is not possible, children 5 years of age & under must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Children 6 years of age and older must use gender appropriate locker room or Family Locker Room. 
  • Personal belongings should not be left in public areas. Please secure and lock your property in a locker. 
  • Locks must be removed after each use. Locks left on overnight will be removed and items will be bagged by GRC staff. The GRC is not responsible for items in the locker or replacing the lock. 
  • The City of Groveport is not responsible for safekeeping of personal property while using the facility or items left in the facility. 



  • Beverages must be closed/capped (re-sealable lid) when not in use. Food is not permitted. 
  • Proper attire is required. Persons are required to wear shirts. Only non-marking, soft-soled shoes may be worn. 
  • Any type of private/semi-private lesson (including instructing & coaching) are not permitted in our gyms. EXCEPTION: A parent may work with his/her own child. 
  • Cones, chairs and other obstacles are not permitted on the gym floors. 
  • The gyms have varied open gym times to accommodate a variety of athletic needs, including structured classes, programs, special events, leagues & tournaments. There may be times when both gyms are utilized for organized activities and not available for drop-in play. 
  • Hanging on the basketball rims/net and volleyball nets is NEVER permitted. 
  • Dunking is only permitted during official league play. 
  • Specific "Open Gym" rules may be posted and enforced. 
  • Balls may not be kicked against any window, door, bleacher, gym divider or onto the elevated track. Please use caution. 
  • Baseballs, softballs and footballs may only be thrown when there are no other persons in the gym. Balls may not be thrown against any window, door, bleacher or gym divider or onto the elevated track. Please use caution. 
  • Additional rules may be posted on the Gym Schedules. 




  • Persons that are pregnant and persons with heart conditions or back/neck trouble are advised NOT to use the climbing wall. 
  • A climber must be at least five years of age, weigh at least 40 lbs. and have sufficient height, strength & coordination to climb. 
  • Prior to using the wall, five year olds must meet with and be pre-approved by the Recreation Coordinator or designee.  
  • For the safety of participants & staff, GRC staff will not boost climbers. 
  • The City of Groveport reserves the right to dismiss any climber for unsafe practices or behavior. 
  • All climbers must wear furnished protective helmets & harnesses. GRC Staff must fit and apply safety equipment. 
  • All climbers must obey the instructions given by staff. 
  • All climbers must be secured/harnessed while climbing. 
  • No horseplay is permitted. 
  • No additional climbers are permitted in the climbing area 10 minutes prior to area scheduled closing. 
  • Climbers will be required to take turns if the climbing wall is busy. 
  • Non-climbers must stand at least 5 feet away from the wall at all times. 
  • When descending, the climber must face the wall, keep hands off the wall and not jump or sway from the wall. 
  • Climbers may not touch other climbers while climbing and may not cross belay ropes or cables. 
  • If a climber demonstrates unacceptable behavior (including but not limited to: horseplay, cursing, screaming), staff has the right to suspend/discontinue climbing privileges. In the event of extreme violations, climbing privileges may be suspended indefinitely. 
  • Section 1711.551 of the Ohio Revised Code requires that all riders must obey all warnings and directions regarding this ride and behave in a manner that will not cause or contribute to injury to themselves or others. Failure to comply is a misdemeanor. 



  • Use of the studio is limited to Recreation Department programs and/or private rentals only. 
  • Children are permitted in the studio when they are accompanied by an adult who is taking a class (individual instructor discretion). 
  • Only soft-soled non-marking shoes may be worn. 
  • Appropriate attire must be worn at all times. 



  • Persons 14 years of age and older may utilize all pieces of equipment in the fitness center.  
  • Patrons are asked to adhere to a 30-minute time limit for each piece of equipment, especially during peak evening hours. 
  • Patrons must wipe down equipment with cleaner after use. Do not spray cleaner directly onto the equipment. Instead, spray the towel and then wipe down the equipment. 
  • Patrons must return accessories to their designated area and re-rack free weight after use (includes Hammer Strength equipment). 
  • Only personal trainers that have a current contract with the City of Groveport are eligible to train members.  
  • Beverages must be closed/capped (re-sealable lid) when not in use. Food is not permitted. 
  • Proper attire is required. Non-marking closed-toed shoes are required (no sandals or flip flops). 
  • For the safety of others, personal belongings must be kept in a locker or cubby. Bags are not permitted on floor & may not be hung from equipment. 



  • An adult must accompany children 12 years and under. 
  • Walk or jog in the designated lanes, follow the posted directional signs and cautiously pass slower patrons. Sprinting is not permitted. 
  • Only non-marking, soft-soled shoes may be worn. 
  • Stretching and "cool downs" should take place off the track. 
  • Baby joggers, strollers, roller blades and skateboards are not permitted. However, baby carriers (backpack or sling) & walkers are permitted. 
  • Carefully enter and exit the track. Avoid sudden stops. 
  • The track is not to be used as an observation area for other facility activities or areas. 
  • Walking = Inside Lane, Passing = Middle Lane, Running = Outside Lane. 





  • Swimming is only permitted when lifeguards are on-duty. 
  • The GRC reserves the right to limit access due to safety concerns. 
  • The indoor pool will be closed two to three weeks each summer for scheduled maintenance and repair. 
  • The indoor pool has varied open swim times due to accommodating a variety of aquatic needs, including swim lessons, swim teams, water fitness programs, special swims, lifeguard training and rentals. Different amenities may not be available and/or lap lanes may be limited at times. Please check the monthly pool schedule closely to ensure your aquatic needs will be met. 



  • Appropriate swim attire is required. 



  • Monitoring your child/children remains your responsibility even if lifeguards are present. 
  • Beverages must be closed/capped (re-sealable lid) when not in use. No food or glass containers on the pool deck.  
  • Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult (18 or over) who shall directly supervise them while in the pool. 
  • Children under 5 years of age must have an adult (18 or over) within arm’s reach of them at all times. 
  • Groups bringing children to the facility must have at least one adult per every 5 children (12 years of age & under) and are responsible for the supervision of those children. Adults in swim attire must directly supervise children poolside. 
  • Persons having a communicable disease, skin disease, open (unhealed) sore, inflamed eyes, cold, nasal or ear discharge, or who are wearing any type of bandage or band aid are not permitted in the water. 
  • Persons that are bleeding or experiencing diarrhea are not permitted in the water. Persons with diarrhea should wait 2 weeks after symptoms end before returning to the pool. 
  • All injuries should be reported to the GRC staff. 



  • Patrons may bring their own life vest for use at the facility.  All life vests (including Puddle Jumpers) must be U.S. Coast Guard Approved. Water wings, baby seat floaters, suits with built-in flotation devices and water noodles provide a false sense of security and are not permitted. Floating enhancement devices never replace in-water supervision. 
  • Adults may use water noodles, kick boards, swim snorkels & other approved pieces of water exercise equipment during water exercise. 
  • Inflatable items, squirt guns, hard balls & snorkels (not used for training or swimming laps) are not permitted. 
  • Please do not sit, hang or play on ropes, lane lines and pool ladders. 



  • Only Recreation Department Staff are authorized to teach swimming lessons within our facilities. Group Swim Lessons are offered at the facility. Private/Semi-Private Lessons are offered when staff are available. 



  • When lightning has been seen, or when thunder has been heard, or when the Lightning Detection System states that lightning is within 0 – 8 miles, the lifeguards will adhere to the National Lightning Safety Institute recommendations. The pool will close and staff will evacuate patrons from the pool and deck. The pool will re-open provided that there has been no lightning/thunder detected for a minimum of 30 minutes. 
  • In the event that the pool water is “contaminated” or the pool water chemistry needs adjusting, the pool may be shutdown for an indefinite period of time to allow staff to correct the problem(s).



  • Patrons shall not behave in a manner that jeopardizes the safety & health of themselves and others. Running, rough play, pushing, snapping of towels, use of squirt guns, acrobatics, dunking or holding persons underwater, excessive noise, wrestling, fighting and use of abusive/profane language is not permitted. 
  • Spitting, spouting of water, blowing nose or other unsanitary actions are not permitted.  
  • Socializing with or distracting lifeguards from their duties is not permitted. Refer all questions to Head Lifeguard or Aquatics Manager. 
  • Prolonged underwater swimming or “breath holding” is not permitted. 
  • Diving is not permitted from the pool deck or from the side of the pool. In addition, back dives, flips, can-openers, cartwheels or forcing others into the water from any side of the pool are also not permitted. 
  • Only lifeguards are permitted on the lifeguard stands. 






  • Slide feet first only and one rider at a time. 
  • Wait to slide until the landing area is clear. 
  • An adult must supervise children under 6 years of age. 
  • No running on or around the slide. 
  • Do not climb on the frog or nets. 
  • Designed for children 10 years of age & under.   



  • Use of lazy river is restricted to persons 42 inches and taller. Persons must also be able to swim unassisted to the exit. 
  • One rider per tube. 



  • The roped off area is for continuous lap swimming. 
  • Persons wishing to swim in the lap lanes must be able to swim a full length of the pool without assistance and without stopping. Holding on to a fellow swimmer, lane line or wall is not permitted. 
  • Swimmers may be required to share lanes. 
  • If sharing a lane, swim in a counter-clockwise circle direction. 
  • Swimmers may not sit on the lane markers. Swimmers may only swim under the lane markers to enter or exit a lane. 
  • Stopping in the lanes is only permitted on the end walls. Please do not interfere with other swimmers attempting to turn in the pool. 
  • Starting blocks are for swim team use only and must remain covered when not in use. 


Groveport Recreation Center



  • Unless noted on a specific contract, Memberships are annual (12 months) in duration. Although you may pay for your Membership monthly (Electronic Fund Transfer), contracts are NOT month-to-month. 
  • For persons paying via EFT, funds are debited on or about the 15th of each month. Please allow for a 2 – 3 day debit window. Any and all changes of bank information is the responsibility of the patron. In the event that a patron defaults on his/her monthly payment, the City will notify the patron that he/she has 10 days to pay the City the amount owed, as well as a $10 late fee. In the event that the patron does not pay the EFT amount owed, as well as the $10 late fee by the deadline, the City will cease the EFT payment option and charge the remaining account balance to the patron’s credit card. Failure of patron to provide credit card information will prevent processing of EFT payment option. The City will pursue all collection remedies for accounts that are not paid in full. The City reserves the right to suspend a Pass and refuse service to any patron for non or insufficient payment. 
  • The Groveport Recreation Center Membership is ONLY for the Groveport Recreation Center. Persons may purchase a separate pass for the Groveport Aquatic Center (Outdoor Water Park) or Groveport Senior Center (for persons 55 years of age and older). 
  • All Pass purchases must be made in person at the Groveport Recreation Center. 
  • Proof of age may be required for passes at the time of registration. Parent/Legal Guardian written consent is required on the contract. 
  • All adults must provide proof of identity at time of registration. Acceptable documents include valid Ohio Driver License or State Issued Identification Card. The address provided on the contract must match the address on the I.D. Card. 
  • In the event that a child’s last name does not match either of the adult’s last names living in the household, an adult will need to provide proof of custody or guardianship. 
  • If a Member wants to add a household member to an existing Membership, a prorated withdrawal of the current Membership will be conducted and a new Membership type will be sold. 
  • Members are REQUIRED to complete a new contract at renewal. Proof of residency for Groveport residents is required when you renew your Pass. This keeps our files up to date, protects our residents and ensures that they continue to receive the lowest rates. 
  • Members may renew their memberships no sooner than 30 days prior to its expiration. 
  • Members with physical handicaps who require special assistance may be accompanied by a care giver who may enter for free. The care giver may not use the facility without the Member and is here solely to assist the Member. If a care giver wishes to use the facility on their own time, he/she may purchase a Membership or Day Pass. 
  • Classes, programs & childcare are not included in the Membership fee, but are offered at a nominal fee. 
  • Rates & hours of operation are subject to change. 
  • Hours for the indoor pool, rock climbing wall and Kiddin’ Around Room vary from normal facility hours. 
  • Groveport Recreation Center Annual Members are eligible to receive the lowest rates (when applicable) for certain services & programs, including: child care during your workout (Kiddin’ Around Room), Fitness Classes, Group & Private/Semi-Private Swim Lessons, Birthday Party Packages, Room Rentals, Leisure Classes, Programs & Special Events. 
  • Groveport Recreation Center Annual Members are eligible to receive a 10% discount on their Groveport Aquatic Center Season Pass. Passes traditionally go on sale April 1. 
  • All memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable, except for the following hardship cases. NO OTHER REQUESTS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Job Transfer outside of 25-Mile Radius of the facility. Patron is required to provide a letter from his/her Human Resources Department stating that he/she has been transferred with the same company (provide forwarding business address & phone number for verification). Military transfers also fall into this category. Relocation/Move outside of 25-Mile Radius of the facility. Patron is required to provide a copy of mortgage/lease documents with new address and phone number for verification. Medical Condition of an Indefinite Nature. In the event of medical condition, the following options are available: (1). Pass Holder may receive a pro-rated refund if patron provides a letter from his/her physician stating that patron has a medical restriction of an indefinite nature. (2). Pass Holder may request to have his/her pass “put on hold” provided the Pass Holder provides a letter from his/her physician stating how long Pass Holder is on the medical restriction. Medical restrictions are limited to no longer than 6 months. Death. Copy of death certificate or obituary required. 
  • Children attending the Groveport Recreation Center without the presence of their resident parent/guardian or a Resident I.D. Card will be charged the Non-Resident Rate.





GROVEPORT RESIDENT is defined as any individual residing within the corporate limits of the City of Groveport (taxing district number 185). Persons are REQUIRED at the time of purchase to provide a valid Ohio Driver’s License or State Identification Card accompanied by a City of Groveport Water Bill, another utility bill or tax bill. NOTE: Although a person’s address may state “Groveport”, that person may not actually live in the corporate limits of the City of Groveport. 


GROVEPORT CORPORATE RESIDENT is defined as any individual that lives outside the corporate limits of the City of Groveport, but is employed within the corporate limits of the City of Groveport. Individual is REQUIRED to provide a recent pay stub (no more than 30-days old) showing the person’s name, business address and proof that City of Groveport taxes are being withheld. 


AGE is defined as the age on which the person purchased the pass. Rates will not be prorated for persons changing age classifications within the year of the pass start and expiration date. 


YOUTH is defined as any child 3 – 12 years of age. 


TEEN is defined as a person between the ages of 13 and 18 years of age. 


YOUNG ADULT is defined as a person between the ages of 19 and 24 years of age. 


COLLEGE STUDENT is defined as any individual that is attending a university, college or trade school full time (12 or more credit hours). Proof of enrollment is REQUIRED at time of purchase.


MILITARY, FIRE FIGHTER & POLICE OFFICERS are defined as any individual that is currently working for any federal/state military branch or actively serves as a fire fighter or police officer. NOTE: Person is REQUIRED to provide a recent pay stub and identification as military, fire fighter or police officer.  


SENIOR ADULT is defined as any individual that is 55 years of age or older. Proof of age is REQUIRED at the time of purchase.  


SENIOR COUPLE is defined as a married couple residing at the same address OR two seniors (regardless of sex) residing at the same address. NOTE: Both persons must be a minimum of 55 years of age to qualify. 


HOUSEHOLD is defined as a married couple residing at the same address OR two adults (regardless of sex) with or without children residing at the same address OR a single adult with one or more children residing at the same address. NOTE: Children must be claimed on adult’s most recent federal tax return and if of age, must be enrolled in elementary, middle, junior high, high school, college, university or trade school at the time of purchase. Proof of enrollment may be required at registration. 


NOTE: There can be no more than two adults (25 years of age and over) in any household. 


PERMANENT DISABILITY is defined as persons that are receiving permanent Social Security Disability payments. If person is receiving another type of disability payment (such as STRS, OPERS), person may write a letter to the Director requesting the permanent disability discount. Current legal documentation is required. If the permanently disabled person is part of a household purchasing a household pass, the 15% discount will only apply to the person with the permanent disability, not the entire household.